124 A mistake according to the newspaper who apologizes


Le Monde admitted having “published online by mistake” Tuesday at 11:00 a meeting with the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin, removed from its website an hour later. The newspaper presented its “apology”.

“We published online by mistake Tuesday, December 1, a meeting with Fleur Pellerin,” writes the daily on http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/ on its website, in a message “to his readers” before a portrait of the Minister of Culture and Communication .

“As a phrase never pronounced”
The article, entitled “Christiane (Taubira) quotes René Char, I know my win arbitration” had aroused a reaction Fleur Pellerin who wrote on his Twitter account: “As a phrase never pronounced.

According to Le Monde, “this article would not have been broadcast in this form: he had not completed his editorial circuit and was not reviewed by the chief editor.”

Words that have disappeared from the portrait of the Minister
“We urge our readers and the minister apologize for these errors, writing and publishing”, writes the newspaper that publishes “Ms. Pellerin portrait originally ordered.” “Christiane (Taubira) cites Glissant or René Char. My strength to me is that I know the administration. I know my win arbitrations “, said the Minister in” maintenance “originally released. Comments that are no longer allocated to it in the portrait, journalist Laurent Carpentier for his part in writing incident “quotations from Edouard Glissant or René Char, it’s not for her.”

Also disappeared about where, when asked about his future outside the government, Fleur Pellerin replied that she did not see “where does the Socialist Party, Republicans are going …”


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