97 As a child I threatened to go to China as punishment


When some Chinese people do not like, I refer to them in the third person. But, otherwise, always I include myself. ” Although born in a taxi driving through Algeciras 25 years, he has two surnames as any Spanish, Castilian and speaks with a funny accent Andalusian Quan Zhou is very clear about its origins and not forsake them. “Like many Chinese born out of short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk, I had my stage where I hated being Chinese, but I’ve already passed.”

– And now it has redeemed its graphic autobiography published a hilarious story of what it means to be born Chinese in Spain.

– I had always liked to draw, but did not see him future. Until a meal with companions for work-graphic designer in Mega-Media- asked me why did vignetting with the stories he told them about my family. So the idea of ​​the series on my mother, Mama Zhou, which give hints about our life in the restaurant is in a small village on the Costa del Sol. The book came later.

– To what extent do you think your life is that of the Chinese community in Spain?

– I would say a lot. My parents are from Qingtian -city of the eastern province of Zhejiang, from which more than 50% of Chinese residents in Spain, and many children of that generation who arrived 30 years ago to open restaurants and stores’ everything hundred ‘tell me that they feel identified with that story. I hope the book will raise awareness with humor about life of a Chinese family and demolish some topics, because in Spain there is still much ignorance on our community.

– However, makes clear the preference for sons (his parents had three daughters until the boy) and the great value they place money.

– I hate to generalize, but it is common behavior. However, we must distinguish between the Chinese who come from rural areas and have received little training, and large cities. Also it depends on the time when they have left. Those arriving now are much more open. In any case, the cultural and generational clash has been shrinking. In the end, living in Spain has made people like my mother has also come a long way. But it is true that will not change in terms of money and demand that we Chinese partner.


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