130 Celebrities reveal how they celebrate Christmas


The holiday season is a time of nostalgia, memories, fraternity and even melancholy; if not, ask him famous. Yuridia, for example, now enjoys over Christmas because his son Phoenix makes it more special. Ivan Sanchez can not wait to get to Spain and be sharing with your family and Myriam remember that the most important Christmas Eve, his life was when he revealed to her family that she was expecting a baby.

The DLD were hyperactive children who liked action figures and Mariana Treviño enjoyed hours of his childhood in a treehouse short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk. These celebrities remember in an interview with the reporter what have been your most memorable moments at this time where Santa Claus, Baby Jesus and the Magi distribute toys in the world.


Rome river

Brothers Jose Luis and Raul remember with great satisfaction a trip they did when they were younger to the United States. “We went to Los Angeles for many years in truck without dollars or anything and we did, but we had a very bad back just at Christmas and when we got to Mexico almost wanted to kiss the ground,” recalls José Luis.

The gift of children: Raul recalls that always asked Magi car remote control but never delivered, but did not stay with the desire, when I was 25 was one. For both, the Super Nintendo was also a great experience in its infancy.

Mariana Treviño

The actress of “Club of Crows” will this Christmas with his parents in Monterrey: “I do not know if they will be my brothers, but it will be really cool to be with my parents. I do not know if my husband can come with me, because he has work. But Christmas is that, to be with your family. ”

The gift of childhood: Mariana had a plastic tree to crush opened with a house in the middle. “It’s a toy that is still at home and playing with my nephews up. It’s really cool to have these toys that transcend time. “


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