96 Commission approves regional funds 1,600 million for Extremadura and the Canary Islands


The European Commission (EC) today approved to allocate 1,600 million euros in regional funds to Extremadura and the http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/, within specific operational programs for both communities for 2014-2020, which total more than 2,000 million euros.

Canaries will benefit from a total of 1,170 million euros, of which 997 million will come from EU funds, while the Operational Programme for Extremadura sum of 849.1 million euros, of which 679.3 million are regional funds European Union.

“I hope that the programs have a real impact on the economic prospects of these two regions, creating new jobs and highly qualified through regional research and development work,” said the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, a statement.

The total budget for the Canaries Operational Programme amounts to 1,170 million, of which 280 million will go to strengthen investment in research and development (I) in this community, and support SMEs.

The remaining money will be used for specific measures to promote social inclusion and environmental protection.

The program for the Canaries also includes measures that will better connect the archipelago, for example, by improving transport services.

The program seeks, among other objectives, that 100% of the population of the archipelago can enjoy broadband connection, and that 33% of local businesses have with online merchants.

For its part, the main priority of the Operational Programme of 849.1 million euros in Extremadura is to promote the I in the region, to which 288 million will be allocated.

The goal is to implement the use of information and communications technology (ICT) among SMEs and citizens and improve public digital services.

The EC intends to double the percentage of jobs related to innovation in R and get, also in Extremadura, 100% of the population have access to broadband.

The program aims to Extremadura also improve the competitiveness of SMEs, to support the education system and improve regional mobility.


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