133 Death of David Bowie Placebo post a new video


The stars are scrambling since Monday morning to pay tribute to David Bowie, who died after a long battle against cancer. Placebo group chose him to post a video on his YouTube channel, filmed in March 1999 by guitarist Stefan Olsdal.

“I was closer to him that some members of my family”
It reveals Brian Molko, all smiles, rehearsing the title Without You I’m Nothing with short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk, backstage of Irvin Plaza in New York (USA). That night, Placebo and David Bowie were mounted together on stage to perform the group’s flagship piece that was starting to attract the general public.

“I am very sad, said Stefan Olsdal the Huffington Post. I was closer to him than some members of my family. I have the feeling of having lost a loved one. […] David Bowie was one of those people deeply attentive to others, who take the time to listen. ”

A letter Molko of Placebo on the site
Brian Molko himself has published a long letter on the official website of his group. “Without you, without your supervision and your wisdom, I do not think I would be where I am today as an artist but also as a person. For this I will be eternally grateful to you, “says the singer.

For the record Placebo members had crossed the path of Major Tom in 1996. Tapping into the eye of David Bowie, the trio was immediately invited to perform in the first part of the star concerts. A boost that will have changed the life of Brian Molko and his gang.


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