127 Golden Globes embarrassingly confuses America Ferrera with Gina Rodriguez


The Golden Globes were upstaged by a serious Twitter faux pas this morning when the handle mistook Ferrera for Rodriguez.

Now, if it had happened once, people probably could have forgiven the mishap. But it happened http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/.

To top it off, Ferrera wasn’t just some bystander in the crowd. She was one of the stars presenting the nominees, which means the Golden Globes probably, definitely should have gotten her Twitter handle right.

But the award show’s official handle was quick to fix the mistake by deleting the incorrect tweets.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t delete them before screen shots were captured and furious comments were made.

In my opinion, this was just an innocent mistake that happens sometimes in the Twitterverse. I once confused Adam Lambert with Adam Levine while I was tweeting about interviewing The Voice judges. Not because I don’t know the difference between them, but because I simply entered in the wrong username. Does that make me a racist against dark-haired dudes? No, it just means I hit the wrong Twitter key. And my guess is the tweeter behind the Golden Globes handle did the same.

The Golden Globes has yet to comment or apologize for the mishap, but I think we can all just let this one go as a simple mistake. Remember, we all make them.


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