90 Irene Visedo returns to ‘Remember when’


The actress will play Agnes, a role that marked his career since the release of the series in 2001 and abandoned in 2008. This relief occurs mainly because Pilar Punzano, the singer who gave life to the firstborn of the Alcantara since has decided to park fiction “to address other professional projects”, as confirmed sources of Prado del Rey.

In recent years, Visedo has done other projects in film and television, in addition to signing his first book, ‘simply Mindfulness’. His last acting job was in the movie ‘requirements to be a normal person’, released in cinemas this year.

Now step back to the San Gennaro, where the series, which next season falls in 1984. A time when the Alcantara again witness the exception of all the historical events that occur develops.

The prodigal daughter of the Alcantara family returns to ‘Remember when’, but actually never played the character has left. The seventeenth season of the series of TVE, which will start shooting in September, will feature the return of Irene Visedo, as the public broadcaster said yesterday in a msdress.co.uk short prom dresses.


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