74 Leonardo DiCaprio photographed with Kelly Rohrbach bike


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly are on a bike
Leo has declared war Oops for a completely intox info, but for Kelly Rohrbach, the rumor is confirmed. The 40-year-old actor and the Sports Illustrated top 25 were seen together kissing in the streets of New York between pedal strokes. Note in passing that even Leo did not find the recipe for the class on a purple prom dresses at msdress.co.uk ‘.

Kylie Jenner pays all
At 17, Kylie Jenner is independent financially. Her mother Kris Jenner gives him a cent, and that for three years, she explained proudly magazine InStyle UK “I pay for everything – my car, my essence, my food and my clothes.” When you know that she was able to afford a house at $ 2.7 million through its hair extensions online, or shoots his collaborations with brands of cosmetics, it is not completely worried about that little Cosette in modern times.

A second boy for Emily Deschanel
Pouponnage view among Deschanel. While her sister Zooey Deschanel expecting her first child in the coming weeks, Emily Deschanel, Bones heroin, has also given birth to a second baby boy, a brother for his son Henry she had in 2011 her husband, producer and writer David Hornsby. The 10 season of Bones will return on June 18th on M6.

Miley Cyrus is “open to all”
It was greeted with a jaded pouting picture of her naked with a pig on the front page of Paper magazine. Either Miley Cyrus and provocative, routine. US Weekly reports some about the interview inside pages. She tells how, at 14, she told her mother that she was bisexual. “I remember telling him that I admired women in a different way. She asked me what I meant by that. I said, “I love them. I love them as much as boys. ” And it was so difficult for her to understand. She did not want me to be judged and that I should go to hell. But she believes in me more than in any God. I just asked him to accept me. And it did. ”

She continues: “I am literally open to all that is willing and does not imply an animal and where everyone is major. All that is legal, I’m in. Yo, I’m leaving with every adult – Anyone over 18 who is ready to love me, girl or boy. “


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