85 Maria Valverde: “I feel freer than ever”


It’s been almost a year that broke with actor Mario Casas and in recent months has been given more time to answer the question of msdress.co.uk purple prom dresses. María Valverde was installed in London, has recorded several films and has even released one hobnobbing with Hollywood greats such as Ridley Scott and Christian Bale. And those are strong words, but she carried it with her usual humility.

After that experience, back to Spain, we met with the actress in a very special place: the Railway Museum of Madrid. She is the new face of the brand Tampax, which began its campaign with the slogan “As far as you want to get ‘and could not have found a better ambassador, because although Mary has chosen to settle in London, says:” My place of residence matter much. Now I want to be everywhere. ”

It makes clear that the decision to leave one season of Spain was not an escape. If anything, a headlong rush. Because he wanted to “change everything.” But not escape. “I Never have fled, in fact I consider quite brave. The easiest thing is to stay in one place and not learn. The most dangerous is go out and learn and face, “he says with surprising fortitude for 28 years.

A new Maria
It ensures that maturity is not sudden. “I think it was gradual, not all at once. Throughout my life I have had so many experiences that mark your personality and this is one more. I always say that this is like a video game, and this is just a screen. ” Talk about your dream break with Mario Casas after four years of dating. And he clarifies: “I have no relationship with him.” He says calmly and without bitterness, he has already moved on. “I’m already on the other screen, I’m already earning pennies,” he laughs.


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