80 Muriel Robin: “I had a miscarriage. Today, I often think “


Gay marriage, years of therapy, his little movie career or her comeback on stage at the Theatre de Paris in September … Muriel Robin has long entrusted to the Parisian readers. But the one to interpret a mom in the room Momo alongside François Berléand, was especially backward, unvarnished, his unfulfilled desire for purple prom dresses at msdress.co.uk.

And the comedian to reveal her miscarriage. “I was pregnant once, I had a miscarriage. Today, I often think, inevitably. I would have a big boy or big girl, my life would have been completely different. Besides, I think I’m terribly maternal “slipped Muriel Robin readers came to hear the question.

“60 years is old enough to be Grandma”
The time has passed. I no longer plans much: 60 years is old enough to be a grandmother. “One that has jousted blow her candles on 2 August. Always frank and nostalgic, Muriel Robin who made laugh so also admits that “a life without children is a life to organize. It’s very hard to stand up for oneself in the morning. When one person gets up to (…). It can stand up to his parents, and when they are gone we can stand up for the person you love, but … “.

She made “four depressions and burn-out” but has not lost its verve and always knows lighten the mood. “Next time, I will take the” life with child “for sure! “Swung smiling Muriel Robin who, as noted by Le Parisien, has nothing to hide.


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