95 Police found the bodies of two missing girls in Cuenca


A citizen has found two bodies lying face down, with obvious signs of violence, up to the birth of the Huécar river, in a http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/, after it has given notice to the police, who quickly moved in and harbors no doubt it is the bodies of the two missing girls in Cuenca on 5 August, to Europa Press sources of the Ministry of Interior. The bodies of the two girls show signs of burns and limescale.

Until the area have displaced many of the National Police, who cordoned off the place kept waiting to proceed with the removal of the bodies by the judicial authorities.

The judicial authorities have acted to lift the bodies around midnight and a van of the Institute of Forensic Medicine with the corpses left the past 00.30 hours instead.

The two girls disappeared on Aug. 5 and the last track we have of them is the car owned by a young parked near the house of the ex-boyfriend of one of them, named Sergio Morante, and also not know anything from that date.

The National Police takes all week recording properties Junior and his family in Cuenca and the municipalities of Palomera and Chillarón. As part of this work, researchers have come to inspect two located on the grounds of Chillarón wells.

Following the discovery in an area of ​​natural pools and ponds, the agents who were carrying on the work search near the two girls have moved to this point.

There are scientific agents of the Judicial Police and the GEO, among other units, pending the arrival of the judicial commission to proceed with the removal of the bodies, the sources said.

The Huécar river rises about three kilometers from the town of Palomera, where the police had recorded today a house owned by the family of the young Sergio, former partner of one of the missing, and that his whereabouts are unknown.

The track of the young, Marina and Laura, 24 and 26 years, was lost on the afternoon of Thursday last week, when they planned to go home from the young to pick up some personal effects of the first, its former partner. On Thursday night the relatives of both filed a missing person report, and Friday did the family of Sergio.


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