86 Ronda Rousey reveals her struggle with self-hate and eating disorders


It takes a lot of courage to admit that things in your life haven’t always been easy and that you haven’t always dealt with those struggles in the right way. But Ronda Rousey’s new interview does just that, and her candid honesty is hard to ignore.

As a strong and confident woman in the spotlight, Rousey seems to have it all, but even she fell victim to the struggle for the unattainable “perfect body” so many women strive to have. And that struggle led her to bulimia.

“I was unhappy,” Rousey revealed while talking with Yahoo! Beauty’s Bobbi Brown. “I had to attend to all of the other things in my life, like my career and my training, to get to a point where I trained just because I loved it. I didn’t even know that was what I wanted, but I made myself happy first and then got the ‘oh wow’ body.”

But in her younger years, Rousey admitted she did “all kinds of crazy stuff,” including bulimia, before she was able to find happiness in her own skin.

She added, “It’s been a long process. What I really realized I was doing wrong was dieting and training and doing all of these things that I didn’t even like to get this idea of the body that I wanted. I was focused on the results instead of the process. I was unhappy and thought that when I got the right body, I would be happy. But I was going at it backwards. I had to make myself happy first, and then the body came.”

As for those looking to get in as great shape as Rousey, she gave some helpful suggestions — keeping it healthy, of course.

“Drink as much water as possible all day long. I swear to god people say it all the time, but you really need to listen. And find a way to train that you enjoy and that you’re excited about — training should not be a chore. Same thing with eating. Junk food shouldn’t be a reward or the thing you look forward to. Find healthy foods that you love and stick to them.”

“I eat throughout the day,” Rousey said of her personal eating decisions. She said she follows the Dolce Diet for the most part. “I have three meals and two snacks, and it changes according to what I need at the time. When I am in MMA training camp trying to build muscle, I am eating different toward the end of the training camp when I am trying to keep my weight on.”

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