110 Sara’s wedding and Diego


Just over four months ago that Sara and Diego got the “I do” in Gijon. And what better way to celebrate than by publishing photographs of her wedding on the blog? If you also want to show pictures of your big day, send an email or a message on the blog page on msdress.co.uk short prom dresses.

Where and when was the wedding?

06/06/15 It was the church of San Pedro de Gijon.

How long did you organize the wedding?

4 months.

How was the wedding dress?

Princess cut, with small bright at the waist and suspenders, boat neck. Back V-neck and two ties in the center that bared back.

A funny anecdote wedding …

When the boys mantearon my husband and me, my friends. It was fun.

What time you stay?

When my husband and I left the church hand in hand when you’re husband and wife.

If you went back to get married now, what would you change?

Nothing, I repeat a thousand times! In addition, the photographer (David Fernández) and perfectly reflected more than we wanted that day: romance and happiness. About 10 professional!


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