121 Scandinavian fashion: the style came from the cold


Neatness, cleanliness and attention to detail. Are the three legs of a style that conquered the world of decoration and then the fashion. What does the Scandinavian aesthetics to like it so much?

A glance through the motions of a Swedish firm enough to realize that their concept is http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/. Nothing flashy designs, bright colors or passing trends. His concept of elegance approaches the little understood by the dominant Italian or French industries, but has managed to gain a foothold thanks to its appealing proposal.

Her clothes make the fleeing woman silhouette, play with androgyny and lift off the body to leave it to the broad, natural and simple ways that set the pace. A minimalism easily recognizable thanks to its functionality conjoined with a soft color palette. All this to lead to pieces throwing a powerful message whose goal is simply to survive over time.

Hence, everything is based on clean materials based on noble patrons. A practical approach to fashion shared by Sweden, Norway and Denmark has already crossed borders by giants like H & M group that engobla COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and Other Stories; as well as the prestigious Acne, founded in Stockholm in 1996 as a laboratory of ideas which range in addition to the fashion is a journal and a production company.

But are not the only names such as Filipa K, Rodebjer, Whyred, Libertine-Libertine, Hope or male Nudie Jeans, sound long been among fashionistas and will continue with its planned international expansion.

Anine Bing is another clear example of success. With a style that defines itself with a mix of Scandinavian aesthetics and the streets of Los Angeles, which started as a blogger has positioned its brand as one of the most desired by celebrities around the world and store openings They multiply their collections.

A phenomenon rather than consolidated among those seeking a different fashion to dictate the main gateways.


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