131 “Star Wars” more successful than “Jurassic World”


The awakening of power “put on his debut weekend with worldwide revenues of approximately $ 529 million (485 million euros) with the best-ever start out.

So far had “Jurassic World” this record holds 525 million dollars. The dinosaur spectacle was launched in June worldwide.

“Jurassic World” producer Frank Marshall congratulated the “Star Wars” team on Twitter with a picture of T-Rex, the the little “Star Wars” -Droiden BB-8 umhängt a gold medal.

According to US media reports, the Disney studio, the “Star Wars” in North America alone amounted revenues according with around 248 million dollars. This was significantly higher than the first estimates on Sunday who were still considered of 238 million dollars.

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas had sold his empire three years ago at Disney. The entertainment giant made for the long-awaited seventh part of the Star Warrior saga since one year intensive advertising.

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