122 Summer is a great time to practice setting boundaries with kids


We know the work and school systems between fall and summer pretty well. Then comes summer and everything changes.

We might be finding ourselves in new places and situations, with people we don’t see too often, with friends and friends of friends, and family we know well and don’t know so well. This is a good time to remember Stop Giving It Away because we talk a lot about setting msdress.co.uk short prom dresses.

These are limits we place on ourselves and others that keep us safe, happy and prevent us from feeling overwhelmed or unhappy.

1. Speak up and be specific
It is amazing how unclear we can be with our communication without realizing it.

“Yes, honey, I would like to have the neighbors over for a barbecue too, but I need more than 30 minutes notice going forward. Will that work for you?

2. Set expectations with kids and others ahead of time.
For example, tell your kids before you go to the pool what the expectations are.

“We are going to probably leave around one, so we can have a siesta and rest in the afternoon.”

“You will have to put on sunscreen every few hours.”

3. Be prepared for push back.
Yes. You will probably get some whining and a few frowns. Just say, “Yes, I know other people aren’t wearing a life jacket but we will wear a life jacket on the boat.”

4. Push through the guilt when people get upset at your boundaries. It is OK.
As women we don’t want to disappoint, cause conflict or feel guilty. Often, we don’t set boundaries to avoid these feelings. It will backfire on you, though, so just so ahead and push through. You will feel better in the long run.

5. Lastly, make sure you plan some time for you this summer!
Plan “me” time this summer to fill your tank. It is easy to lose track of your own wants and desires. Not good!

One of the most important tips I can bring to you today is one I myself, and I think a lot of us, forget about year-round, which is that it’s OK to just be still, to not have plans, to hang around the house and smell and see summer for the lovely things it has to offer.


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