102 TF1 confirmed the departure of Claire Chazal JT weekend


The rumor is confirmed: Claire Chazal JT leaves the first string of the weekend. An earthquake for one that presents information about TF1 for msdress.co.uk short prom dresses.

A delicate output
On a line on its site, the direction of TF1 confirms departure, announced Monday by puremédias and Le Figaro.

“The management of TF1 announced that Claire Chazal will leave the presentation of the weekend newspapers in the coming weeks.”

A major concern of Nonce Paolini
According Puremedias.com, a few weeks ago, the subject Claire Chazal is one of the main concerns of Nonce Paolini, head of TF1. At issue: the disappointing hearings newscasts weekend and difficulties to face competition. According to the information site, then consider the chain to spread its flagship presenter, and “the decision should be made soon,” a source reportedly told TF1. The media site also recalls that this was the start of Germain Dagognet -former editor Claire Chazal- for France Télévisions, could be a harbinger.

In the afternoon, Le Figaro has also announced the departure of the presenter, but said that it was she who decided to take the door.

Place the jokers?
Also according puremédias, the decision to evict Claire Chazal would be particularly difficult, as the departure of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, former presenter of the iconic JT had scratched the image of the chain. However, replacements for the presenter would all already found.

Anne-Claire Coudray, joker Claire Chazal since 2012, would likely to succeed him, seconded by Audrey Crespo-Mara, who has proven this summer.


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