123 The anti-aging diet: What you eat or rejuvenate aging


Why some people of the same age have a physical appearance and quality of life very different? Lifestyle (diet, exercise, rest, attitude …) have a decisive influence not only in physical appearance but also in the mood and even health.

With proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can mitigate the effects of aging on our bodies and our minds, as they say experts in cardiovascular health and http://www.msdress.co.uk/short-prom-dress-c-50/ Villa Marta and Alfredo Lopez, who are also founders of the website comeconsalud.com In his book ‘The Anti-Aging Diet’ the authors explain some of the tricks that help us stay young inside and out thanks to advances in nutrition today.

1. What are the foods that best contribute to rejuvenating “body and soul”?

– To make the foods we eat contribute to rejuvenate inside and outside must meet two characteristics: that we provide all the nutrients that we need to renew the tissues of our body and do so in a balanced way, ie, without aggression .

They must not miss fruits, vegetables, rice and pasta, vegetables, oily fish, nuts and black chocolate, as each gives us something essential for a healthy and long life.

2. On the day on food, respect for the body’s needs are essential to provide the amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that are needed, how do we get this balance?

However, we should consume carbohydrates, fats and proteins not mean we can eat the amount you want and without discriminating what kind of foods to choose. Within each group, there are more suitable and “profitable” than other foods.

For example, within the fat we can speak of “healthy fats” (unsaturated such as avocados or contributing olive oil) and “unhealthy” (saturated, such as animal fats). As for carbohydrates, it is noteworthy the depot and provide fiber, like whole grains, legumes, etc.

3. What foods should reduce in our diet to prevent aging?

– Although our ‘Anti-Aging Diet’ is not based on restrictions, it is true that there are foods that go against that balance that we have spoken.

Much of precooked foods at industrial level have an intake of saturated fat, salt (sodium), chemical additives and sugars that make them more attractive to taste, but make us old and even sick to accumulate toxins and make us gain weight. These foods should consume with caution, reducing to a minimum or do not consume them.

4. What are the habits that help rejuvenate mind and body?

– Precisely this is the most important concept habits. Faced with hundreds of diets “throwaway” for losing a kilo, the important thing is to learn to eat right and that’s what we intend to ‘Anti-Aging Diet’. It is included a list of foods to a diet in three weeks, but more important is the rest of the book, where we explained and discussed each of the types of nutrients, which are needed, and tricks to use them to the fullest.

With that aim that healthy habits and balanced diet is generated. If we understand what it is worth every type of food, it will be easy to integrate it into our daily diet.

Eating healthy is much easier, richer and cheaper than almost everyone believes. If you also do some exercise, we have much of the journey.

5. On the other side, what would you say are the most aggressive behaviors with both the body and mind and more, shall we say … they grow old?

– Health is balance and the disease is when we lose.

We can not believe that evil is good to eat several months and then try to “catch up” when spring arrives. Therefore, most “aggressive” is an unbalanced diet, from the point of view of quantity (excess or defect is as bad as too little overeating), and quality (we can not live healthy if we eliminate a group of foods that we need or we abuse any of them).

Other behaviors that must be eliminated are the lack of physical exercise, which has been shown to be as harmful as other risk factors such as diabetes or smoking, substance abuse (snuff, drugs, excess alcohol) and stress, so common today.


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