82 The daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore could have their own reality show


Not easy to be “daughters”. Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle, the three offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore seem to be fed up with living in the shadow of their parents. And to remedy it, they would like to have their own reality show.

Being recognized by her own
According okmagazine.com, the Willis-Moore girls have plans to compete with many other issues of family reality shows, the best known is perhaps currently the clan of women Kanye West, The Kardashians. The goal? Be filmed 24h / 24 and prove that they have an existence beyond that of their so famous parents. After winning Dancing with the stars across the Atlantic, Rumer, the eldest of 26, begins to have a little notoriety. She also appeared in 90210: The Next Generation, or Hawaii 5-0. But as for Scout and Tallulah, success is not yet at the rendezvous. They realized their television projects? According okmagazine, Moore mom would slip them a helping hand and make a few appearances in their issue. The Kardashian clan has to behave themselves.

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